Lahari Technologies is providing the best web designing services in Hyderabad. A complete website like responsive and attractive design, on page optimization and hosting with dedicated servers .

Your website acts as the face of your business therefore it is mandatory to get it right. A well-designed and the user-friendly website provides information about what your company does, why it matters to customers, and how you are different from competitors.

With an increase in the number of mobile users, many of your website visitors are reaching you through mobile phones. When people visit your website, they shouldn’t see an unresponsive website which in turn affects your online growth. A responsive web designs, they are meant to scale its elements and content according to different screen sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions :


Which elements need to create a common website ?

Content, Logo, Images, Videos, Contact Details, About Organization.

Principles for a good website design ?

User Interface, Responsive Design, Load Time, Navigation, Optimization.

What are the 3 common types of Website Design ?

Static, Dynamic or CMS and E-Commerce.

Most Common Pages in a Website ?

Home Page, About Page, Services Page, Gallery, Contact Page.

What is a static website ?

Static website is a HTML Website with fixed information. It is read only page.

What is Dynamic Website ?

User can interact with the website. Owner can make changes when they required.

Best Ways to make Dynamic Website ?

Dynamic websites will create by Server side languages like PHP, ASP.NET, JSP Etc.


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